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We offer Confidential Sexual Health Medical Services.

Our medical clinic offers pregnancy testing and limited OB Ultrasound for free


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Empowering Individuals To Make Informed Choices GET ANSWERS TODAY

Accurate Information

We strive to provide accurate information regarding abortion, adoption, and parenting. We also provide sexual and reproductive health information and abortion recovery support. We are here to help you realize you are valued, offer you truthful information, and give you hope when making such a difficult decision.

Serving You with Compassion

Pregnancy Choices of Hattiesburg offers medical services, specializing in pregnancy diagnosis and decision making.  All of our services are provided free of charge and are confidential.

When You Need Answers

When you need confidential answers for your sexual health, schedule an appointment by calling 601-264-2181. It all starts with hello. Give us a call, shoot us an email, send us a text, or swing by our office.

Because We Care

We want to help empower you to make an informed choice.  We are not here to make a decision for you, but rather stand alongside of you while you do.  We do not judge or try to persuade you in your decision process. We are here to help you and support you.

Complementary and Confidential

Call, Text, or Email us for more information or to schedule an appointment